Charlotte "Charlie" Duncan (played by Mia Talerico) is the youngest child, and was just recently born.The whole TV series revolves around her childhood. She was born on May 23, 2009. Teddy makes her video diaries to guide her through her teenage years. She takes her first steps when PJ and Gabe train her for a baby race. Oddly, she hardly ever cries like most babies; she just laughs and giggles. She begins talking in season 3.

Name Charlie Duncan
age 3
known victims Gabe Duncan, Spencer Walsh, Jimmy,
parents Bob Duncan, Amy Duncan
played by Mia Talerico


PJ DuncanEdit

PJ didn't really mind that Charlie was born. He somewhat loves her but he used Charlie to get girlfriends in high school. He wasn't cheating on anybody but he always got broken up with or broke up with his admirers. PJ had Charlie say words that would impress girls.

Teddy DuncanEdit

It is rather obvious that Teddy loves Charlie. She makes actual video diaries for her to help her survive when she's a teenager. Teddy was scared that she would not be with her parents when Charlie gets to be her age.

Who is the main character

  • Even though the show is called Good Luck Charlie, Teddy is the main character, not charlie.

Gabe DuncanEdit

Gabe Duncan was angry when he heard that Charlie was born. He told her: "You ruined mY LiFE". He felt better when Charlie puked on Teddy. Gabe said that he would give her a chance. Gabe is the one that is always getting into trouble (usually to get attention )