Name: Derek
age: 16-20
love interests: Teddy Duncan (former)
Skyler (possibly current)
friends: Bob Duncan
portrayed by: Reid Ewing

Derek on a date with Teddy

Derek is a man that Teddy fell in love with. At first, Gabe asks Teddy "Who's the guy?" Teddy answers that his name is Derek and that he is her new boyfriend. Bob told Derek that he loved motorcycles. Bob was his best friend for about 3 seconds. Then Bob damages his motorbike. Teddy seems to care about Derek. He volunteered to let Teddy read a poem. Even though nobody liked Teddy's 1st poem, Derek pretended to like it so that he wouldn't hurt Teddy's feelings. He decided to get out of it by making a fake phone call. Teddy became sad and mentioned that he was her boyfriend. Derek also came between Ivy and Teddy for a short style. Eventually Teddy broke up with him due to her feelings for Spencer. It is possible that Derek is currently in love with Skyler. He might even be dating her to get over Teddy.