Emmett Heglin is PJ's best friend. He also plays the drums in PJ's band, PJ and the Vibe. He appears to have a crush on Teddy. And a long time ago, he went out with Ivy. Ivy dumped Emmett and he hates her too.

Name Emmett
age 21-20
Friends PJ Duncan
Spencer Walsh
Love Interests Teddy Duncan
Actor Micah Stephen Williams



After Emmett broke up with Ivy, he fell in love with a girl named Nina. They date for a short time because Nina developed a crush on PJ. PJ tells Emmett that Nina likes him and Emmett decides to go prove it. It turned out Nina wasn't cheating on Emmett and she just had a twin named Tina that liked PJ.

PJ DuncanEdit

PJ and Emmett are best friends. He is the drummer in PJ's band, PJ and the Vibe. Not everything seems to work for each other. When PJ told Emmett that he got a girlfriend called Madison, he explained that his band was to get girls. He added "Which I did!" Emmett said: "This band is through! I'll take my drums and get out of your life." After PJ dumped his girlfriend, he felt so sad that he posted it online. Emmett saw it and decided to comfort PJ. During the Talent Show event, Emmett ditched PJ again and decided to go help Teddy redeem herself before it started. In Season 3, Emmett tries to help PJ graduate high school. Even though it didn't work, Bob saves PJ. About 2 months later, Emmett moves in with PJ at his apartment. They are not only best friends now but their also roommates.

Teddy DuncanEdit

It appears that Emmett has a crush on Teddy. At the beginning of the series he tries to win her over but gets scared of Spencer's strength. Then, he offers her the first dance in Dance Off. Teddy seems to reject Emmett due to her relationship with Spencer. In the Talent show, Emmett told her: "Let's not talk about Spencer. He's in the past. It's Emmett time!" But after they performed, Emmett sort of hated Teddy. She caused him to break his nose. Whenever she spoke to him, it was "GET AWAY FROM ME!" that Emmett said. In Season 2, Teddy dream-dances with Emmett and kisses him. Emmett decided that he didn't exactly have the guts to kiss Teddy. He said "If I kiss you now, I'll lose my dream." He quits his job and runs away. It is unknown if Emmett still likes Teddy.