Estelle Dabney better known as Mrs. Dabney (played by Patricia Belcher) is the Duncan's mean neighbor. She got a devorce with her husband and was accused of killing him, but didn't. She wanted the Duncan's tree cut down, which housed thier tree house, but it was saved. She has quintriplets who look exactly like her.


Gabe DuncanEdit

Gabe and Mrs. Dabney are basically arch-enemies. Gabe pulled a bunch of pranks on Mrs. Dabney in Season 1. Mrs. Dabney retaliates by tricking Gabe into doing things that will get him in trouble. However, Gabe claimed he wanted to help Mrs. Dabney with her son, Rodney's room. He came at midnight and climbed in while the window was open. Mrs. Dabney finds Gabe after a few days. She tells Bob to come and see what's going on. Bob said "I have absolutely no explanation for this!"

In Season 2, Gabe claimed he had the case of Dabnerrhea. A few hours later, PJ and Gabe stole power from her. Mrs. Dabney retaliates by taking her power back. After the school year ended, Gabe and PJ had a yard sale. To try and interest her, they sell her a kitty cat jar. Bob steals their earned money and tells them they have to get it back. Gabe and PJ tried to get it back but they're shows weren't good enough! Later Bob mentions that he is watching Higgins and Zork. Gabe tells Mrs Dabney that if she give the jar back, she can watch it. They had a deal. On Thanksgiving, she develops a crush on Frank Duncan, Bob's father. AT first, Frank seems to like Mrs. Dabney back. They spend 1 hour alone. Bob and Gabe worried that they'd get married. Frank and Mrs. Dabney broke up due to their offensive words. A week later, Gabe broke Mrs. Dabney's satellite dish. Mrs Dabney came into the house and watched her program. Gabe wasn't interested at first but in the end, he watches her program.

In Season 3, Mrs. Dabney heard Amy claim that they were moving. She was happy that she didn't have to see Gabe anymore and she said "Hallelujah!" Gabe also wanted to move. He didn't want to put up with Mrs. Dabney anymore. She put hair-removal in his cap. Gabe got back at her and put superglue on her porch. It is unknown if they still fight anymore.

Teddy DuncanEdit

Mrs Dabney seems to mind Teddy the least. In Season 1, she entrusts her to watch her cat, Kaboodle. Then in season 3, she keeps a secret that Teddy is keeping from her parents.