Teddy and Ivy reveal their plan

Ivy Wentz (played by Raven Goodwin) is Teddy's best friend. She is always over at the Duncan's house because her mother is so boring. She is sweet but always talks about how pretty and popular she is. She can also get pretty rough when it comes to making friends. She has a sense of humor and "uses" Teddy to be considered cool. Ivy also has a discrimination against Spencer Walsh



Raymond is Ivy's boyfriend. She appeared to like him in Season 2. Raymond believed that Ivy probably looked good and they started dating. Teddy and Ivy argued about their boyfriends. Raymond practically came between the 2 best friends. Ivy loves Raymond more than anything. She calls him ray-ray and He calls Ivy, i-i.

Teddy Duncan (best friend)Edit

Teddy has been Ivy's best friend for a long time. They fight sometimes but they remain best friends forever. Ivy helps Teddy figure out things in her life unless their insulting to her or her "Ray-ray".

Emmett HeglinEdit

Emmett is Ivy Wentz's ex-boyfriend. Ivy had no choice but to get back together with him in Dance Off. The truth is Ivy dumped him along time ago and Emmett doesn't care about Ivy either. He hates her too.