Bob D.

Robert "Bob" Duncan (born July 12, 1998) is the Duncan kids' father. He is an exterminator for his own company, "Bob's Bugs Be Gone". He usually gets into fights with his Uncle Mel. He tried to cut down the family tree house because of Mrs. Dabney, but Amy and the kids retalliate by throwing water balloons. He is called fat a lot especially by his own son, Gabe. Bob threatens to send Gabe to military school. He does not trust Teddy to be able to drive when she turns 16. Teddy gets annoyed with him and asks Amy if she can drive. Amy tries convincing Bob to give her her driver's licence but he refuses. It was revealed that he has the authority to decide whether the kids can drive. Teddy asks Bob why she treats her differently than PJ. Bob told her that she is more capable than PJ. In season 3, he ends up spending time with Gabe and they don't fight as much anymore.

Name Bob Duncan
age 51

PJ, Teddy, Gabe, Charlie

Love Interests Amy Duncan (crush/wife)
Katherine (ex-girlfriend)
Actor Eric Allan Kramer