Skyler and Teddy perform

Skyler is the girl that Spencer cheated on Teddy with.

Name Skyler
age 15-18
Friends Teddy Duncan
Love Interests PJ Duncan (exboyfriend byforce), Derek (possibly)
Enemies Spencer Walsh (cheater)
Actor Samantha Boscarino

Personal Life (November 2010-11)Edit

She doesn't seem very smart when Teddy got to know her. However, Skyler acted more mature than Teddy when she broke up with Spencer. She dumped juice on his head. Teddy threw pie on his face and left feeling sad. Later Ivy takes Skyler over to Teddy's house so that they could work things out. They talked about how Spencer treated each of them and they decided to cyber-bully him with an offensive song. Teddy told Skyler not to post it because Spencer apologized. A few months later, she and PJ start dating.

Personal Life 2011Edit

Sometime in early 2011, PJ and the Vibe competed with Skyler and Teddy in a band battle. Skyler develops feelings for PJ and refuses to compete against him. PJ seemed to like her back. Skyler went into a photo booth with PJ and they had their pictures taken. Then, Teddy told Skyler that they were an "annoying" couple. PJ and the Vibe end up joining Skyler and Teddy's team so that they could still compete with Spencer. Even though One Step Closer is a real song by Shane Harper, the judge claimed that PJ and the Vibe/Skyler and Teddy did better. Skyler told Teddy that she was happy to beat their ex-boyfriend. For the next 2 months, PJ was dating her. At one point, PJ took her to the mountains. That didn't work out and Skyler threw up. Skyler gave PJ a second chance and things went great... then. However in the summer, Skyler had to move to New York City, New York. PJ felt so sad that he decided to go there on an airplane and get her back somehow. Bob encouraged PJ to come home. Then, he forced PJ to dump her. It is unknown what Skyler has been doing today. It is possible that she is dating Derek to get over her breakup with PJ.