Theodora Duncan





Teddy Duncan (voiced by Bridgit Mendler) is the main character in the series. She is a caring, intrusive, and a sometime selfish 15 year old girl. She usually is sarcastic alot. She feels that she won't be around so mush when her little sister, Charlie, is grown up, so she creates video diaries, hoping it will give Charlie advice when she grows up. She also has a best friend named Ivy Wentz. She also has a crush on a boy named Spencer, and he seems to like her back. She fights with her older brother, PJ alot, but she still loves him and they have great moments sometims. She hardly ever notices her younger brother, Gabe. Her mom always embarrasses her, which makes her less popular. She sometimes has good moments with her dad too.
Name Teddy Duncan
age 15-21
friends Ivy Wentz, Skyler
love interests Spencer Walsh
actor Bridgit Mendler


Spencer WalshEdit

Teddy has a crush on a boy named Spencer. They dated for almost a year. Teddy and Spencer didn't last long because he dated a girl named Skyler too. Teddy breaks up with him and had a dream to get revenge on him. Spencer once in a while tries to get Teddy back but Teddy just rejects him and allows only as much as friends. The former couple seemed to hate each other when they performed in Battle of the Bands. However she gives him another chance later in Season 2 after Spencer's final apology. It is possible that they may break up again in season 3.


Ivy Wentz is Teddy's best friend. At the beginning of the series, Teddy is jealous of her for texting her mom. To try and cheer herself up, she spends time with Ivy's mother, Mary Lou. They do everything together. She is the character that has recurred the most so far. Ivy take Emmett as her date to the school dance. They're friendship doesn't always blow his plans. In Season 2, they're friendship was through because Teddy insulted Ivy's boyfriend, Raymond. A few days later, they apologize at each other's houses. At one point, Ivy and Teddy even ditch school together to prove Teddy has a "dark side". Gabe told Ivy to call Teddy G.G. Teddy gives in. At the end of season 2, Teddy goes to a cabin with Ivy and her parents.

Charlie DuncanEdit

Teddy loves Charlie of course. She always makes her video diaries to survive their special family. At one point Teddy is "tricked" into believing that her video diaries are gone. She stayed up trying to replace all 50 for nothing. Teddy continues to make video diaries.